Blog - How to help surgical wound to recover fast and naturally

A surgical wound is a cut or an incision in the skin, usually made by a scalpel during surgery. It can also be the result of a drain placed during surgery. They vary in size. They are usually closed with sutures, but are sometimes left open to heal.

These wounds are open for infections, in particular on the skin. There may be a pain, redness around the wound, pus, smell, drainage from the wound, delayed healing. And after the healing process, there may be a scar because of the operation or suture, a lifetime.

After surgery, the part of the skin which has been cut would be sensitive not only to the pain but also for the attacks. According to the size and depth of the cut, the wound is the weakest area, and the healing process would last longer.

Treatment for a surgical wound depends on the location. The skin around the surgical wound needs to be clean. Home care is the hard part because patients are always discharged from the hospital before the wound has completely healed. Following the procedure sometimes won’t be enough.

Sometimes, over the counter products may reduce the pain and discomfort and accelerate the healing process. A natural gift, St. John’s Wort, has been known and used even for sword wounds, since the 1st AD century. St. John’s Wort has active ingredients that help to;

  • nourish and renew the skin;
  • soothe sensitive skin;
  • prevent infection;
  • heal the wound;
  • eliminate scar.

Every day, humankind is witnessing the power of nature, both ways, good and bad. But, we’ve understood that “Nature is the medicine, nature has the medicine.”. There may be lots of herbs, who knows, which can cure even cancer.

For now, what we’ve been using for SanteFIX St. John’s Wort Cream is one of the gifts of mother nature: St. John’s Wort. And another one is olive oil. When they come together, their power come together. All natural and all from their motherland…

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider.

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